Merry Holidays!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

And A Happy New Year!

The Greatest Gift -
A Miracle Of Christmas!

     Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a man whose life was blessed with love, lessons and the light. Only once did he falter with uncertainty during his entire life and then only because that decision would stop him from being able to share with mankind the greatest gift anybody could ever receive. This one man lived every moment of his life with the knowledge of the true power and glory of our Lord in heaven. He did not have to search his soul to believe. He was an instrument of the Lord and the Lord worked miracles through him. This knowledge that he possessed gave him great serenity and peace and everyone that he met could feel it. Those that he blessed experienced true and eternal love.

     What a gift -- instant security, a brief glimpse into the true power of the Lord, a certain knowledge of the Lord's existence, joy and salvation. In a moment he forever changed the lives of the people he touched. They in turn passed this gift to the people whose lives they touched. Nation by nation, generation by generation this gift was passed along and now we can see it all around us. The laughter of our children, the good deeds of our neighbors, a smile from a stranger.

     The Christmas season reminds us to find and share the gift that Jesus gave to us. Maybe we should share this gift more often throughout the year and perhaps we could build a better world by extending this gift to more of God's children. But for now, we can all enjoy the gift Jesus gave us this Christmas.

     Jesus taught us that it is better to give than it is to receive, but my greatest wish this Christmas is that more people truly learn how to receive this gift and open their hearts to the joy and serenity it has to offer. For it is only after receiving this gift of salvation that we will be able to share this greatest of gifts and all the glory that goes with it.


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Merry Christmas!