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You ask, "Who are you writing 'Faith In The Grace' for, and what are your plans for this book and website?".

I feel inspired from time to time and I would like to feel that there is some small amount of divine intervention involved. (Especially after reading the bible so many times.) I have no special gifts that I know of and I can’t even speak in tongues. But, I do fiercely believe there is something more than what we can see.

You might ask if I could I prove it. No. I don’t think that’s allowed. Would I appreciate some open conversation on spiritual subjects?

Hey, you know me… I love serious philosophical conversations. I would love to find out there were those who believe as I do… but more importantly, I would like to know what my brothers and sisters believe in – even if it is not what I believe – for sharing and caring is what it is all about or so I am led to believe. (And I just
might learn something.)

All of my basic beliefs are just as simple as I have written. I don’t want to convert anyone unless they agree with what I am saying – and then drawing from what I write, you can understand that I don’t think I can take any credit for these conversions as each is private to the individual experiencing it.

I don’t lead anyone to sign up for a newsletter. I don’t point them at any one church or religious order. I just offer these materials as food for thought that I have written for those who are searching for answers others may have found.

Where will it all lead? I have no idea… but I have set some rules for this endeavor. Never lead up to more than just information I have learned. Always point to Jesus as my personal savior. Other than that, I am open for suggestion but stubborn about keeping it within the confines I have set for the endeavor.

This book means so very much to me as this mission has been a passionate part of my life for several years now.

In writing this book I did my best to share the core truths I have learned concerning Christianity and to steer clear of quoting scripture whenever possible so that people would study the Bible on their own if they felt compelled to do so.

I have had many people read the first page or so and set it aside because they do not agree with what I present as the truth about the Christian religion… more exactly that salvation and receiving the Holy Ghost can be accomplished outside of a church, without an ordained minister, without first being baptized
with water, or by simply learning of the Lord’s message through another person and understanding that the Lord’s love is without measure or cost.

For this reason, I include here the passages which teach these fundamental truths…

Acts 10:25 & 26, 10:44 & 11:16

Mom, our deep philosophical talks over the years gave me the insight to understand the power can only be derived from what you personally believe and that everyone’s personal relationship with God is indeed personal and can in no way be limited by man or the institutions we may create in his name….

Once armed with these simple truths it was easy to find proof of same in the Bible.

Thanks Mom, I love you.