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Jesus taught us that the Grace replaced the law...
Learn what this means and how to achieve true Faith in the Grace and then allow that Grace to work miracles, both small and large, within your life. 


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The Promise Of

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For True Christians

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God Is Good!
God is good,
God is great,
Through Jesus Christ,
I receive his grace...

With much love from your brother in Christ, Michael Jay Wilson Sr.

The Promise Of
For True Christians
We are all children of God, and as such, we are all brothers and sisters of Christ, whether we have come to accept him as our savior or not. True Christianity is universal and unwavering. True Christianity is an opportunity given to all of God's children regardless of race or region. True Christianity has been and continues to be a very real positive force in our world, regardless of the sect, order or denomination which spreads the good word in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is time for all Christians everywhere to embrace true Christianity and to reign in the differences which have fettered the community as a whole in reaching out to everyone with the spirit in which this message was meant to be given. Love for God and love for our fellowman is the basis for all of God's commandments.

The first step is to get involved. If you are not a member of a Church, join one. You will instantly be made stronger by the faith of the other members of your church. You will find people who care. You will find purpose in your life and ultimately your faith will grow.

Miracles can and do happen... but it all hinges upon your faith in the grace. Following are some letters I wrote about my beliefs and how I strengthened my own faith in the grace offered to me through Jesus Christ. I have had many miracles happen in my life and I know I am truly blessed.

It is my greatest desire to help others who are struggling with faith as I was, and I hope my message helps.


And For Those of You Still Confused...
...My Visions & A Letter To An Inspirational Friend!



by Michael Jay Wilson Sr.
Faith in the Grace is all you need - but what Church or Religion has the right answers about God, your salvation and how you can use your faith in the grace to create miracles in your life - All legitimate churches can help you to understand how to receive salvation and enlightenment - but only you can allow God to work miracles in your life through your faith in the grace.

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What Is Faith In The Grace?

What is 'The Grace' and what does 'Faith' have to do with it?

The 'Grace' is forgiveness pure and simple, but before we get too far down this road, let's look at the big picture. The Lord is good. The Lord desires for us to be with him. Only good may exist with the Lord. Thus only people who are good can exist with the Lord. To decide who the good people are, the Lord must teach us about good and evil and then allow us to decide if we wish to be good.

Let's go over what it means to desire to be good. One you must do what you think is right. As you progress and learn more about right and wrong, good and evil, you will realize that you have done things which we're wrong and that these things stand in the way of you being good. So you learn to repent and turn away from doing these things, and then learn you must right your past wrongs if you are to be considered as good and worthy of being in the presence of the Lord... or find a way to be forgiven by the Lord.

The Lord's forgiveness of what you have done and the shortcomings you have which would not allow you to be in the Lord's presence can be a fantastic thing to imagine... but know that with this kind of forgiveness comes a great humility and peace which only those who understand the value of this forgiveness can fully understand. What else comes with this great peace and awareness is the added understanding of what offering forgiveness can mean to others as well as the ability to offer it freely to everyone. This will expand your understanding of how forgiveness is a pure form of love and this will enable you to understand the love which the Lord wishes for you to extend to everybody and how easy it really is to do.

Now, how does 'Faith' work into the equation. Only by faith will you learn the love of the Lord. As simple as the description for the 'Grace' is, 'Faith' is believing. Your beliefs sway your every action. If you believe in something great enough it will change your life. To believe in the Lord and truly desire to be good, you not only have to believe in  forgiveness or the 'Grace' but you must believe or have 'Faith' that this grace has been offered to you and that a way to accept the grace is available to you. As the Lord taught us, you must believe in his forgiveness and offer this same forgiveness to all you know... you must have 'Faith In The Grace' and the true desire to be good.

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A Letter To You!

How are you doing?

I felt a terrible urge to write you on a more personal basis.

I love you and nothing in this world can change that.

Let’s get a little personal. Do you pray? Do you study scripture and seek salvation?

I am not asking if you have been saved… rather I am asking if you have seen evidence of God working through you?

I have and it scares me… It scares me because I am starting to believe that I am supposed to share my understanding of how we can achieve salvation (it is truly different than what I have ever been taught in a church). It scares me because I have a feeling that I am supposed to share it with more than just a few of the people I meet, I believe that the Lord wants me to share my ideas with the entire world. I feel I am not ready and there is no possible way for me to believe that the Lord would choose me for any other reason than the irony of it all – or perhaps it is the life I have led which in leading to my rather unique perceptions, has qualified me for this task.

I am confused, yes, but as much as I know my family loves me, I know that I feel this path developing under my feet and that the Lord is guiding the way… starting to sound weird? It gets even more peculiar… veils have been lifted from my eyes which hid the truth about our present religions from me for so long.

Churches and religions are nothing more than associations which are best used as tools to build community between like-minded individuals. No church holds the key to your salvation, and any religion, faith or sect which presents itself as having the only true path to salvation and God’s grace has taken the Lord’s name in vain.

You see, no ritual, no elder, no priest can offer anyone salvation. Only God can offer us that, and there is absolutely no ceremony required. Salvation is available for anyone who decides they want to be saved and is willing to honestly try to do the best they can not to sin in the future. It involves faith in the grace and our ability to believe we are worthy of receiving the grace - which makes having a savior come in real handy.

If a ritual, elder or priest helps you to desire salvation and to believe you are worthy of salvation, then they have served their purpose.

Jesus did not die on the cross for our sins! He died on the cross for our salvation, and only because we are too weak minded to accept the Lords grace on our own… It’s powerful stuff, this new way of looking at life.

And one last thing, contrary to what anyone tells you, you can be perfect – and the road to this perfection is far easier than you would have ever imagined.

Want to know more? You can find a few of the lessons I have learned which I have put together here or better yet, go to a person you know has God working through them as they can truly help you to believe.

I know there are still a lot of aspects of my life I need to deal with, and I am trying to get as honest as I can with myself to best handle them as responsibly as possible. But if I waited until my conscious was clear I feel I may never get the opportunity to fulfill this calling – irregardless if it is real or perceived… which in this case would pretty much be impossible to discern.

I don’t want to sound goofy, but I pray for you often. I pray for you and your family’s continued good health, harmony, safety and happiness – anything more would be presumptuous. God bless you and yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Michael Jay Wilson Sr.

P.S.  I understand that I may be wrong in what I believe, but I know that I can't believe any other way as the grace has worked through me and in my own life to such a great degree that my faith is whole.

I also believe that everyone has the right to follow whatever beliefs they wish to follow, even if it means not seeking the paths to grace which I believe in.

I truly believe that although I have the right to discern who I socialize with, I do not have the right to judge others in any way.

I also believe I have the responsibility to take action when the actions of anyone impede the abilities of others to exercise or not exercise their faith as they see fit and that my actions must always be tempered by my faith.

I believe that we should fiercely love our fellow man to the point of self sacrifice, regardless of their beliefs and practices, and that sharing my faith in the grace is both the greatest gift I can share as well as the greatest weapon I can wield,... for while Jesus stood up for what he believed, in the face of adversity to the point of a certain death sentence, he also performed his last healing upon the man who arrested him - a Gentile who did not believe as he did. Surely, this is the true calling of God's army.

I believe with all my heart that I don't have the right not to share my beliefs with anyone I feel may benefit from them... which is everybody!

And so in advance, I apologize for any inconvenience I may cause you and will continue to cause you until I feel you understand this inspired message about your faith in the grace and what it means to me.

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If there is a God, heaven or hell...

If there is a God, If there is a heaven, If there is a hell...

Then there is an afterlife, then there is a judgment,
If there is a judgment, then there is sin,
If there is sin, then there are sinners...

...And there is salvation.
If there is salvation, then there is grace,
offered not given, or there would be no sin.

If there is grace offered,
then grace must be accepted to achieve salvation.
In order to accept grace, you must believe it is available...
and that you qualify to accept the grace.

If you fail to know what it takes to qualify to accept the grace
you will never believe it is available to you.

If you believe repentance from past sins is a prerequisite
to qualify for this grace...
...You must know what constitutes a sin
...You must know you have repented from all of the sins you have committed.

And this being impossible, then any grace offered us
must be contingent upon our acceptance and our future actions
and if all past sins are forgiven
then ultimately acceptance of the grace
and changing your ways accordingly
is all that is needed.

If there is a grace offered
then God must have a desire for the grace to be accepted...
And if our personal acceptance of this grace is required
then we must take personal responsibility for our salvation
and understand that we actually judge ourselves
when we decide whether we will accept this grace or not...
Which is 100% our choice...
...If we believe we qualify for the grace.

So let's recap...
The grace is ours for the accepting...
If we believe we are worthy...
If there is a God, a heaven and a hell.

Now irregardless if life is just a test for your personal salvation
or a personal test for each and every one of us...
We are surrounded with people like ourselves and as far as we know
everyone is related in one way or another to every body else,
and because of this we are all probably equal.

We are all probably equally unable to feel we are worthy to accept the grace.

Or Are We?
And is there another way?

What if someone believed they were able to accept the grace,
and you believed they were able to accept the grace...
And then what if this person told you
that as long as you believed they were able to accept the grace
you would receive the grace and
have a chance to realize salvation...

And what if you believed in what they told you?
You would understand how to accept this grace and believe you are worthy...
and more important how you were key to the salvation of others...
and that others should be offered the opportunity
because by believing that the actions of another were instrumental in your faith in the grace,
you now understand that this is indeed a personal test for each and every one of us as equals
and that all of our salvation is wholly dependant upon helping each other to achieve salvation.

Sound like something you have heard?
My personal savior is Jesus of Nazareth,
I believe he was able to accept the grace,
I believe in his offer and ability to be the key
in allowing me to accept the grace of God,
and with honest humility,
I take personal responsibility for my salvation.

...I do love my neighbor...
...I do love God with all my might...
...I do believe!

And that's all it takes...

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Taking The Blame!

Wow, I have done some really stupid things in my life... and the funny thing is that even though I know how stupid some things I have done are... I still find myself committing these acts of stupidity over and over again...

I wonder whose fault that is...

Reminds me of a lesson I once heard - it went something like this...

'...And the teacher said "For grading you I came here, so that they which are ignorant might understand and they that which understand might be made ignorant."

To which a well known wise-man asked "Am I ignorant also?"

The teacher said to him "If you were ignorant you should have no blame for stupidity - But now you say you understand; therefore your blame for stupidity remains."'

Naturally, (like you probably thought just now...), the first time I heard this lesson, my immediate response was that I didn't understand..." even though I thought I did.

And then I realized that I may be found blameless for my stupidity if I just admitted I was ignorant.

Wow! Ignorance truly is bliss!

But I felt shallow, almost empty somehow, and I found I really didn't want to be ignorant...

But understanding meant my blame for my stupidity landed square on my shoulders...

Oh no, now I'm right back where I started!

But wait a second - Didn't the teacher also give us a lesson about a way to escape the consequences for our stupidity?

Research John 9:39-41

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Can You Be Perfect?

Yes, you can be perfect!

As Jesus told us in Matthew 5:48, we can indeed be perfect.

This requires us to understand what it means to be perfect.

Is God perfect? Well, Jesus teaches that God is perfect... again Matthew 5:48.

Okay, you might ask why this question should be asked... fair enough...

Have you ever been wrong in your life... Have you sinned... and how can you become perfect as 'God in heaven is perfect?

Repent! Right?

Was God ever wrong? Did he ever repent...

Absolutely! Moses walked down the mountain and found Aaron had taken the gold from his followers and made a golden idol which the people were praying to...

The Lord was angry beyond words and Moses pleaded for the Lord to spare us... And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people. Exodus 32:14

* As you read the bible, if you read it closely, it seems that you can watch the Lord 'Grow' in his temperance and understanding of us as the story unfolds... A great flood and then a promise to never visit this level of wrath upon us ever again... The Lord's decision to back off from destroying the multitude led in the wilderness by Moses... etc... But I believe this growth we witness is actually our understanding of the ways of the Lord and the lessons he gives us as times progress... meaning that he wasn't actually wrong and changed his mind at the base of that mountain, he just illustrated what we should do when we find we are wrong and need to change our ways or repent... but I digress...*

What does it mean to repent... and what does it mean to be perfect?

To be perfect is to be without sin. To be without sin does not mean you will never be wrong... it means that once you realize you are wrong... you 'turn away' or repent from that wrong before it becomes a sin.

This means that you have not sinned until you have realized what you are doing is wrong... and then if you continue to commit the actions you know are wrong you are now sinning.

To sum up, if you know you are wrong, turn away and stop before your actions become sins, and then attempt to right the wrongs you have committed.

Live every moment by this principal and yes, you can be indeed be perfect as Jesus tells us to be.

P.S. I also believe that it becomes easier and easier to walk the path of perfection.

Your awareness of what is right and wrong is always with you,

It is your awareness and understanding of what is sinful that will grow,

It is your ability to defeat the temptation to commit sins which will grow,

It will be your ability to discern which paths or actions may lead you astray which will grow,

It will be your understanding of which works will provide the greatest fruits which will give purpose to your perfection,

And it will be your growing ability to smother your pride with humility which will motivate you to continually strive for perfection.

I don't personally know of anyone that is perfect... but I know we must believe we can be... because Jesus didn't ask us to try to be perfect... He told us to be perfect!

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It Doesn't Get Any Easier...

Ever had a bad day? I mean, one of those days where so many things seem to go wrong that you wished the day would just end so you could start over fresh tomorrow. Sure you have, we all have and too many days like this will surely put a quick stop to all those prayers we have for more hours in a day, so that we can get more done.

Well my friends, it is now too late worry about this prayer not getting answered.

Did you know that every day is actually longer than the last. Yes, as it turns out, life truly does get harder every day.

You actually have more to cope with in your day than you did yesterday. Okay, well not much. In fact over your lifetime your days don't get much longer at all.

...But if you compare your day to one of a person who lived thousands of years ago the difference would be much greater. This is because the Moon is gradually drifting away - to the tune of 1˝ inches per year - and the Moon's gravity pull on us determines the rate at which our earth spins. When the Moon was originally created a day was only about four hours long.

Now this means you literally have more time on your hands than Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah or Adam had, and perhaps this explains why early biblical figures lived so long... their days were shorter and much less stressful.

Look at it this way, you are actually blessed to be living in these times. Whether if it's due to longer life-spans or the moon drifting away, you actually have been given more time to find the answers. You are actually blessed with more opportunities to find these answers and apply them to your life so that you can walk on the path of righteousness, loving and serving others.

...Either way you look at it, it doesn't get any easier to find salvation than it is right now.

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The Power of Hope

My Dad used to joke about how he knew the 'Secret To The Universe'... then he would tell us kids that we were shallow water fish and that only the deep water fish would fully appreciate this secret and be able to put it into practice.

Well... I can now swim a bit deeper and this secret has become self evident. Whatever troubles you, whatever you worry about, will continue to present itself to you until you fully understand how to handle this worry or fear... and I have found the opposite to be even more true.

Have you ever noticed that if you can believe that something may go wrong, that oft-times it indeed will go wrong and then you will have to handle the problems which come with this self fulfilling prophecy?

We are taught that 'Faith, Hope and Charity' are indeed cornerstones for receiving the most benefits from believing in the Lord and following the path he has set for us as true believers... but herein lies the 'Secret Of The Universe' of which my Dad spoke.

If you believe that something will not work out the way you want it to... it probably won't... But if you have Hope and believe that things will work out the way you want them to... they many times will. The fulfillment of 'Hope' is a powerful gift which the Lord affords us to reward us for our 'Faith'... and it is the fulfillment of our hope which will bring us much joy and therefore strengthen our faith and then empower us with the understanding that through Charity and the joy this brings to others, we will be empowering their 'Faith' through the reinforcement of their 'Hope'. 

This lesson, while short and to the point... offers us much. Through this we can understand how miracles can happen in our everyday lives. Keep your chin up... hope for the best... follow what the spirit guides you to do... and your hope will be greatly rewarded... probably far beyond what you can currently imagine.

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Faith In The Grace

Why couldn't Peter continue to walk on the water without Jesus holding his hand... Jesus told him he could, but even with Jesus physically standing right beside him he couldn't believe it...

Jesus taught us that 'Grace' has replaced the 'Law'

Jesus taught us that anyone can use the amazing power of Grace in their everyday life... but then Jesus showed us that no one... not even those who were the most righteous individuals could believe in the Grace enough to truly allow the 'Grace' to work miracles within their lives.

But Jesus understood that people could believe in his ability to work miracles in their life, and that by having people believe that they could receive 'Grace' through him, they would receive the grace and therefore have an opportunity for salvation...

What makes us so weak that we can't believe we are worthy of receiving the power of grace directly from God as he told us we could...

Whatever the reason... Our conscious... the Holy Ghost... Our inability for us to truly cast aside our guilt and sin... the fact still remains that we must understand that Jesus is the key (as he taught us) and realize we need his help in our lives to receive the Grace and all of the wonderful things that go with it...

So accepting that we alone are not powerful enough to cast off the heavy burden of guilt caused by our sin and accept the power of Grace into our lives... and that with Jesus' help we can receive this powerful force within our lives...

Jesus wants you to know the power of Grace and truly feel the power of God's endless love... and he freely will act as your key to heaven, lift the heavy burden of sin and guilt from you so that you can experience the power of Faith in the Grace within your life.

Step One - Realize that Jesus understood our weakness and provided us something we could believe... that he is able to work miracles through the grace... that he can release us from our burden of guilt and realize the full power of having faith in the grace within our lives...

P.S.  Jesus did not have to die on the cross to pay for your sins...

Jesus had to die on the cross for you to BELIEVE he could lift the burden of sin from you so that you could act accordingly and begin to live a righteous life where you deserve to have knowledge of the grace of God and how he is working through you and effecting your life.

A terrible cost, only because we are too weak minded to accept what God would readily have given us, if we were capable of believing that God would actually forgive our sins if we change our ways and then allow us the many great benefits of understanding the awesome power of his saving grace and what it can do within our lives.

Accept this universal truth and realize that although you could receive the grace directly from God if you believe that your sins are forgiven and change your ways, you are NOT strong enough to believe this on your own and be thankful that Jesus has opened another door to receiving faith in the grace of God.

You can believe that Jesus will lift the burden of sin from you and you can begin to walk upon the righteous path which allows you to receive the power of having true faith in the grace of God, and this is the only way, I personally know of, that you can gain Faith In The Grace.

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What Does A Child Have?

Freedom from sin!

A child is free from sin, inhibition, reservation, suspicion or doubt.

You have to let go of your fears. You have to let go of your doubt. You have to let go of your shame. You have to become aware of the powerful force of the grace of God which already works through you, to understand the blessings and miracles it creates in your life and those around you.

Jesus told us that those who do not come as a child will not enter heaven.

Any reservations you may have about allowing the Grace to pass through you and take control of your spirit may stop you from realizing the amazing benefits which a complete Faith in the Grace offers you.

Remember that Grace is forgiveness, and that allowing the Grace of God to completely fill you up, is true Faith in the Grace which will change your life and cause you to experience life as you are meant to - without fear, without reservation, without temptation as well as with joy, peace and love - or as a child who constantly rejoices in their unshakable faith.

The feeling of the awesome power of the Grace coursing through you is none other than the Holy Ghost. Once you believe, once you have complete Faith in the Grace, once you open your mind, body and soul without reservation you will experience a power beyond your comprehension passing through you - A power so great you will never be able to deny it again. A power so glorious that you will be left with pure joy, peace and serenity in its wake. A power which can work absolute miracles in your life.

So look to the children. They will teach you how to build upon your faith in the grace. They may even teach you how to shine so that others may learn by example.

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Imagine your small child comes running up to you holding something in their hands before them and quietly asks you what it is? Your eyes sparkle, and you gently lean down close to make sure you hear exactly what your child has to say... and beaming with the joy that your love for your child gives you... you answer the best way you know how, in the manner which will be best received and understood by your child.

No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, I believe the Lord loves you as a child and when you come to ask a question -- the Lord listens intently and then gives you what you need and sometimes even what you desire. The answer you receive will be filled with the Lord's love - strong and powerful... but like a child you must learn to listen. If you are not listening you are going to miss out on a whole lot more than the simple answer you were looking for and if you are paying attention, the fantastic amount of love the Lord has for you may very well overcome you and make you completely forget what you were asking for in the first place.

I believe this is because the answer to anything we ask for is love, and once we realize this, answers become simple. Don't strike down your enemy, turn their hearts. Don't covet your neighbors new car, ask them if they can help you get one. When you are hungry, don't steal that apple, appeal to the owners sense of humanity. Don't worry, love, as has been heralded from the beginning of time, is indeed the answer.

And you can trust that the Lord will help you to find a way to obtain all that you need. That is, if you listen.

Now imagine that your child opens their hands and it turns out they are holding a ferocious bee which may sting and injure your small child. Your first reaction may be to knock the bee away, protect your child, and then to try to teach your child not to play with bees... but let's say your child has brought you several bees in the past. At some point you might decide that they need to learn not to play with bees and you back up and allow the bee to sting your child. Your heart cries out and you can feel the pain your child is enduring. You are ready to help, but let's look at three different ways this scene may play out.

What if after being stung, your child looks up at you and cries out, "How could you do this to me?" and turns and runs away.

Or what if after being stung, your child looks up at you and angrily shouts they will never trust you again, and although they remain nearby, they are never trustful of you again like they once were.

Or what if after being stung, your child looks up at you with understanding and feels the great sorrow you must be enduring to have let this happen to them, a child you love so very much.

Which child can you help most? Not the one who ran away. Not the one who no longer trusts you. No, only the child who will still listen is the one who may come to understand that it was the bee who stung them, that it was their choice to play with the bee, but most importantly overcomes the sting and ultimately learn how much you really do love them.

For whatever reason, the Lord allows us to get stung once in a while, and then watches for our reaction. The Lord wants to know if you will trust the Lord in all things, and the Lord can only make you feel this love if you open up your heart to receive it. Can you understand the great sorrow our Lord must endure to allow us to make our own choices in life, even when the Lord knows what hardships we may endure because of our bad decisions.

I have known people who deny Gods existence. I have held fellowship with those who say they believe but yet do not seem to open their hearts completely. But I have also been privileged to meet rare and extraordinary people who really seem to understand how to walk upon the Lord's path of righteousness and they all share one thing in common, they all spread love as a way of life. None of these people were perfect by a long shot... but you can tell they open themselves up to the Lords great love completely - regardless of their personal sin or fear of being judged.

Trust me, the Lord is there waiting for any opportunity to share this great love for you and all he asks in return is that you share it. Sweep aside your anger and animosity because others seem to be more blessed than you are. Stop railing against a Lord who would let you endure such great pain - as you are only enduring it on your own because you are shutting the Lord out. Open your heart and the Lord will heal you. Understand that the Lord sees past our petty and selfish attitudes and wants to bring together those who will share this great love.

If you are reading this lesson for the first time, I have three missions for you. One, find and help a stranger without them knowing it. Two, grant the wish of someone you do know but would rather not associate with. Three, try to find something worthy of asking the Lord, and then open your heart and pray that the Lord will help you find an answer.

Believe me, asked correctly, regardless of what you ask for, you will be given the answers you seek... My prayers are for the Lord to help you understand just how much the Lord loves you, and that this understanding helps you to heal while learning that the same kind of trust and love you had as a small child, are the key ingredients for getting all of your prayers answered - although your prayers may just change... once you understand how it all works.

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The Tree Of Life

As we are told in the Bible, the apple tree is representative of the tree of knowledge which the Lord forbade Adam and Eve to partake of.

But what is the other tree, the tree of life, which affords immortality upon those who eat of it's fruit?

To properly discuss this matter, we are going to cover a lot here.

Think about this. For thousands of years, mankind did not know that women produced eggs which when combined with the seed of man produced life. Women were thought of as mere vessels through which the seed of man could produce life. Men produced life through their women. And a woman could never create life without a mans seed... except for the one time where the mother of our Lord bore her child through immaculate conception.

Women 'Bleed to Feed'. The bleeding which a women went through each month, although thought of as a curse placed upon women also became known as the food for us while we were still in the womb because these monthly bleeding episodes would stop while a woman carried a child. Thus our blood became recognized as that which fed us, while at the same time it became well known that contact with blood indeed could taint us and even make us very ill.

Later on, as science progressed, we learned of the true reproductive processes of man... and what's more... we discovered that man's seed could never create life on it's own. In fact, the contrary turned out to be true. A woman's egg could be fertilized without man's seed through a radiation of the right kind of light. With this understanding we now know how the light of God could indeed produce a miracle birth of a child through immaculate conception.

Back to the issue of what the 'Tree of Life' truly is.

To the casual observer, when the Lord gave the apostles wine at the last supper. This wine was to represent his blood. He was giving them the spiritual food which allow them to live through him. He was giving them the food they would need to live forever with him in heaven. Thus it became very clear what the tree of life truly is. The grapevine right? We are now discovering properties of the grape which be very healthy for us... so we might be onto something here. Thus it becomes our duty to partake of wine or Jesus' blood in communion or the reminder of our union with the Lord... but there is a story in the Bible which does not seem to do anything more than prove the divinity of our Lord.

The Lord turned water into wine at a party. What a great miracle... but there is so much more to this small display of the divinity of our Lord.

The Lord took mere water and turned it into wine. With Faith, the water you drink can become wine and therefore represent the blood of Christ.

And this greatly diminishes the distinction that the grapevine can be considered the 'Tree of Life'... everlasting life.

So let's consider the last mention of the Tree of Life in the bible. In this description, the Tree of Life has twelve fruits. Now count the number of our Lord's apostles. These are the fruits which grew from the true Tree of life, and we now can recognize that our Lord is actually the Tree of life which will stand in the center of heaven and afford all who live there eternal life.

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The Body of Christ

While we are thinking about communion... Let's discuss one of the greatest possible gifts the Lord gave us while we are still here on earth.

He has opened a door where all true believers can have the body of Christ live within them. First through acceptance that 'Jesus is Lord' and then accepting the grace, understanding what this means and then living life according to God's plan.

When the Lord gave his apostles portions of bread and told them that this represented his body and that by partaking, they were allowing the 'Body of Christ' to live within them. What a wonderful gift. It sets the stage for the Holy Ghost to enter us and to work miracles within our lives. With this miracle we are instantly never to be alone again and our works become guided by the spirit and glorifies the Christ which now lives within us.

All of us as true Christians are tied together through this common belief and it affords all of us an easier understanding of what it takes to remain on the narrow path. To be righteous, and strive for the perfection we will one day realize as citizens of Heaven on Earth.

With the Lord dwelling within you, it makes possible the statement that 'wherever two or more of you are gathered in my name - I will be there!'

Let's consider this for a moment. This means that there will be a portion of you which is now perfected, here, now, and in this lifetime. This means that should you decide to let the spirit guide you, you may do miracles, you may even be able to move mountains and your hope and faith are exponentially raised to the highest level imaginable.

With Christ living within you, you can gain the gifts which the Lord would like to share with you. Speaking in tongues, translation, healing, prophecy and the most important one of all. Your prayers will be heard and answered and more importantly you will better understand the answers given you.

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Lords Name In Vain

Saying the phrase "God XXXX It!"... may not be taking the Lords name in vain...

It is nearsighted and possibly could be profaning the name of the Lord as we are taught we shouldn't do in Leviticus 18:21. (The book of the Law)

No, taking the Lords name in vain, targets those who for pride or profit, teach others a path that will lead people away from salvation... and it can include those who preach in the Lord's name or on the Lord's behalf to build themselves up in any way. Dangerous territory indeed.

Getting back to this term which is so offensive to many of us.

When one says "God XXXX It!" do they really believe the Lord will 'damn' something on their behalf.

Picture this... Jesus and his followers were coming to town and on a hill overlooking the town grew a tree, another of the magnificent manifestations created by the Lord and given to us for us to use as we see fit. Jesus spotted the tree and approached it... The tree did not have any fruit ready for them to eat... It wasn't supposed to as it was not it's season to bear fruit... Yet Jesus touched the tree and 'damned' it...

Later... on the way out of town... the followers of Jesus noticed that the tree had indeed withered and died.

If you believe you have the power of the grace working within your life... think about this... you might have the true power to 'damn' something... and getting back to taking the Lord's name in vain, you should not want to use this power frivolously... (or in vain.)

Now when you hear the term 'God XXXX It' come out of someone's mouth, ask them if they meant to profane the name of the Lord or if they are truly sure they would want to use their Grace to actually Damn someone or something... A heavy burden indeed...

Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Now, let's talk about your talents...

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...About Your 10,000 Talent Debt!

Welcome! Did you remember to bring your talents?

I'm not talking about the abilities you excel at... rather I speak of the unit of weight used in biblical times, talents, which are equal to 75 pounds.

*** Getting off the beaten path for a second, did you know that the first mention of the number 666 in the bible is when it describes the great wealth of Solomon who in his most prosperous year had 666 talents of gold shipped into his kingdom...

Anyways, a talent of gold is an awful lot of gold and 666 talents of gold is about $342,057,600.00 in today's dollars. (666 x 75 x 16 ounces x $428 an ounce)

Imagine owing someone 15 times this much or 10,000 talents of gold. ($5,130,864,000 in today's dollars.)

Now think about this... What are the worst things you have ever done in your life... combine that with every thing you know you have done wrong throughout your life and add in the times when people suffered your selfishness in silence...

Imagine all those you have done wrong on their knees praying to God for an end to their suffering caused by your thoughtlessness...

Now let's throw in all of your acts of omission or occasions when you could have helped another but you decided not to act for one reason or another...

And let's top it off with all of the times you witnessed someone doing something wrong and you decided not to at least let them know that it was wrong and they should stop...

That is enough for you to be able to begin to reflect on the terrible amount of weight you carry with you...

It's over... there is no longer any time to think about it... You are now seated directly across from God, and as you look around you realize this place has a certain quality which is best described as enlightened.

Only light and truth exist here... there is no place for lies to hide as all is known to everyone... and then God speaks to you...

"Look at all of this sin... you owe me so much... fix it right now! Pay me what you owe me or I will make you pay for these sins forever... and that is not all... I will make your wife pay, your children pay and all of those who love you pay forever..."

"I will cast you out of heaven and depart from your life... but even worse will be the immeasurable pain this will cause those who love you... they will not be with you... they will not find solace... you will be shut out from them... you will be shut out from heaven... and you will be shut out from me..."

"Pay me now!"

Now, imagine that God seeing your true desire to be forgiven and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to repay him... forgives you all of your sin and sends you back into the world...

Not a bad deal, huh?

This type of forgiveness has already been given to you. This grace now belongs to all those who believe that this grace has been given to them.

But there is a hitch... we already discussed why we can't believe that this grace is ours - to review the other path God has given us to receive this forgiveness or faith in the grace which Jesus taught us replaced the Law read - If There Is A God, A Heaven Or A Hell.

Until then remember that this grace is already yours and you should live accordingly, and offer forgiveness to all those who you feel may have done you any wrong... it's the least we can do.

And now that you have read this, there is no way to say you didn't know better... especially when you reach a state of enlightenment.

Fate versus Manifest Destiny

If you believe God has a master-plan and that there is a reason for everything that happens to you, you may have trouble understanding how at the same time you are able to exercise free will. Free will, or the ability to make your own choices in life, plays a very important part in our spiritual growth as we are taught the actions we take, and that having faith in God's mercy will determine whether we become saved and receive God's grace.

Many years ago, I was thinking hard about life and mankind's future and the advances we have made in forensic science. I began thinking about the physical world we live in and the fact that for every action there is a 100% predictable reaction if you knew every law of physics.

Picture this, a 3D snapshot is taken of the room you're in which not only identifies what and where everything is, but also describes all of the possible forces acting upon everything in the room - including wind, electric charge, gravity as well as the direction these combined forces were working within.

With a picture such as this, you could press rewind and see what happened in the past by applying those same laws of physics in reverse.

I called it "history vision" and was astounded by my own brilliance and foresight which allowed me to create and understand this theory. I thought I was a dad-bloom genius, until some weeks later I was reading about Einstein and found that one of his colleagues came up with the same theory decades ago.

I also came to the realization that in order for this 'picture' to be taken and saved to a medium which could record any given space, like the room you are in - down to the last molecule, the recording medium would have to be the same size as the space being recorded or even larger. This would make the hard drive of the computer running this program to be impossible to create, especially when you factor in that the picture would probably have to include everything in our universe to give us a true frame of reference to work within.

Then I tossed a book I was reading down on the table and began pondering the problem while looking out the window and I saw tiny specks of dust as they floated up into the sunlight. Looking down I noticed the dust was floating up from the table where I had tossed the book and realized that you did not have to have to include everything in the universe for this picture to work, the effects of outside forces would be recognizable and identifiable by results which occur inside the room.

Interesting. I went on with my life and a few weeks later I read about the emerging possibilities of nanotechnology and more importantly the future possibilities of molecular computers which can hold an infinite amount of data in the electron field of an atom.

Oh no, now the idea of history vision is once again very possible.

With a machine such as this we could see anything anybody has done, anytime in the past. There will be no hiding the truth about our actions from someone who has access to this machine.

But... could this now imaginary computer predict the future? Not with the free will of man - or could it?

As individuals, when we grow up we learn to react to different things in different ways according to what we have tried in similar situations in the past. If we take into consideration that we may be able to predict a persons future by seeing their past - which we now understand may someday be very possible, we can look at how they reacted to similar situations in the past and taking into account their propensity for trying new things - we may very well be able to predict with a great degree of certainty the future actions of people.

So how would God be able to give us the free will to make our own decisions in life and yet have a master plan. God can see what will happen in our future and God also knows the decisions we will make as God knows our heart and how we will act or react in any given circumstance. So everything you do or ever will do is already known to God, but from your perspective you are making your own choices and learning valuable lessons which you will need later on down the road.

Mankind may some day to be able to invent this 'History Vision' computer - and then we won't be able to get away with anything - especially when you factor in our tendency to judge others, backed up by our great ability to justify the judgment of others.

God can already do this - so please remember that God is always looking over your shoulder and will always know what you carry in your heart.

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Judges Wanted! - 144,000 Positions Available

As long as we are talking about judgment and judging others... Let's talk about the job openings the Lord has for Judges upon the culmination of the new covenant. Upon this event there will be 144,000 judges who will rise and assist in the final judgment. (Probably the most meek of us, as the Bible also says that the least will be our judges.)

Your shot at getting one of these positions is literally millions to one... but the good news is that there are junior judge positions available for all of us.

Before you get too caught up in what the Bible tells us... 'Judge Not Lest You Be Judged'... let's talk about why true Christians should embrace the judgment of others done in the proper fashion.

How are you going to raise your children, recognize those in need, or know when to step in and help your neighbor unless you make a judgment concerning them and then decide what the best possible thing you can do for them would be?

The saying which seems to preclude the judgment of anyone for any reason... is actually a warning to those who would judge others - that they make sound judgments for the right reasons... and then that the actions which would be approved of by our Lord, our faith and our fellow man.

Too many times people see others do wrong and then based on this saying, turn away and do nothing because of their beliefs, saying 'who are we to judge others' and that those doing wrong will meet their judgment one day by one righteous enough to judge them.

Have you ever known of a person in power, who just don't know what they are doing? Perhaps a boss who does not know how to actually do the work done by their subordinates. Perhaps an elected official who is given the power to dictate what their constituents can do... when it is obvious they have no idea what they are talking about. Perhaps a religious leader who knowingly is ignorant about the topics they preach about.

Judgment is indeed a heavy load to bear... and before you pass judgment on anyone for anything... you better know what you are doing and how best to correct the situation.

Judgment must be made before action is taken on any issue... and escaping this responsibility just because of this saying is taking the term too literally and breaks with the awesome responsibility placed upon all of us to do the Lord's will on earth as it done in heaven.

Think about the verse "Be ye' not yoked with sinners"... well just how are you going to do this unless you have a method to discern who the sinners are and when your involvement with them denotes being 'Yoked' with them?

No man on earth, because we are all sinners, can judge another's faith or Godliness... but we can see when the behavior of others may be destructive to those around them.

So therefore we must make judgments every day and act upon them... but we must judge from knowledge and more importantly love. We must afford everyone the opportunity to change their ways and then we must afford forgiveness in all things... but should they continue their destructive behavior, after we have done the best to help them see the error of their ways then we should afford them the freedom to make their own decisions but make it clear that the destructive behavior blocks them from truly being an integral part of our communities made up of responsible people who would do their best to follow the commandments to love God with all of our might and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

The actions derived from judging others must be done out of love for all concerned, and the one passing the judgment should truly do it out of true love and with the understanding that the final judgment about someone is not our responsibility or our right.

In the Old Testament has listed how to approach someone you judge is doing wrong. First, you speak to them personally, let them know that they are doing something which you believe is against God or man. Should they not listen to you... then you find someone who is wise and just and the two of you approach them about the matter. Should this mission fail, then what they are doing should be brought before the church (your religious community), first including just the leader of your Church... and then upon failing this... before the entire congregation. And seeing as how our Lord taught us that not one tittle of the law would be changed because of his coming... and in fact our responsibilities as true disciples of the Lord became greater upon his arrival - then you would understand that this would still be the accepted way to approach this problem.

The above should be done carefully and with much love and forethought. Wise shepherds (preachers, priests, pastors, deacons, bishops, evangelists, etc...) will often times approach these issues on a non-personal basis with proper sermons to their congregations, or portions of their congregations who need to learn about these things.

What about those who are not part of your Church? Well, you are commanded to take action whenever you see someone doing wrong... and done correctly, you may be able to afford someone help when no one else seems to care... or care enough to speak to them about their problems... thus giving you a great opportunity to share your faith and more importantly your love for them... which in turn may make them decide to do much more about their personal salvation than just stop doing the one thing others may have seen them doing wrong.

Remember that we see through a mirror dimly or a glass darkly, and that none of us can fully understand the big picture or has all of the answers, but done correctly - out of true love for everyone, your judgment can be a powerfully positive tool to help make this world a better place where the Lord's will be done, here on earth, as it is in heaven.

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The Chicken And The Egg - And Other Stupid Questions...

When Einstein's evolving theories of super-symmetry were overthrown by the chaotic nature of quantum theory he said
"God wouldn't allow our universe to be run by chaos!"

To which another scientist of his time replied
"Who are you to dictate how God works?"

Since then, scientists have discovered that for physics to work in our universe, there must be 7 more dimensions other than time and the 3 dimensions we can see around us. If we believe these scientists, then we have to accept that we may live in a ten dimension universe going through time and we can only see and understand three of these dimensions. So both science and religion agree that most of our universe is hidden from us.

The question we should ask is "Did God mean for us to learn how our world works around us?"

Ever since we learned how to light our own fires, there have been people so caught up in the religious implications that they denounce scientific discoveries and label those who pursue scientific knowledge as individuals determined to disprove the existence of God.

This is a two edged sword.

While there are people of a scientific nature who too easily judge God's existence just because scripture did not describe an event as scientifically correct as they would have liked. The truth is a great majority of scientists don't allow the science vs. religion debate to play a part in their discovery of God's majesty throughout our universe.

There are also people of a religious nature who truly believe so strongly in their interpretation of the scripture that they believe that scientists who attempt to gain a better understanding of how our universe works are all actually attempting to disprove the existence of God. This is simply not true, even if their interpretation of the scripture is absolutely correct.

We should all be able to agree that no one will ever be able to entirely prove or disprove the existence of God - meaning that we will always have to keep the faith.

The danger of these arguments is that it sets man - one against another - and depends on man's prideful arrogance to continue. These questions divide us and this makes the answer all too obvious - The question is the problem.

Evolution vs. Creationism

If evolution is a process God uses to allow mankind to adapt to our environment, then both processes may be true.

If we can accept the idea that black, brown, red, yellow or white, tall, short, skinny or fat - each of us was made in God's image, we should understand this image probably describes a lot more than our physical appearance, such as our intelligence, undeniable spirit and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Does this mean that if we discover our pinky fingers are actually getting shorter (due to evolution), that God doesn't exist?

I say no. I say that God works in mysterious ways on purpose to test both our faith in God and our love for one another.

The test isn't necessarily about whether evolution is correct, but rather to see if you can accept change in your understanding of how God works, without losing your faith in God's existence.

It is truly a test of our pride. The real battle is whether or not you will join the battle or do unto others as you would have them do unto you by allowing others to have their personal opinions without questioning their faith or Godliness.

Now you have to ask yourself if you are too proud to accept that mankind may have evolved from sludge when it plainly says in the Bible that we came from dust.

I say that if this is how God did it - who are we to question the Lord's methods - and who can tell us that anything we learn scientifically can possibly question our faith.

Live Strong And Proper - "We can handle the truth! God gave us life - no matter what we learn about how he did it."

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The Twelve Commandments

My wife told me I should add a message about the twelve commandments because a lot of people aren't aware of the two new commandments which Jesus taught us about.

I explained to her that in my opinion the two commandments actually replaced the ten commandments, and can't be considered two additional commandments... but, because the twelve commandments sounded like a great title and the fact that I never question the gentle wisdom of my wife, I thought I would start this message with this conversation.

Moses gave us the ten commandments which he received directly from God. Moses also wrote the first five books of the Bible and even Jesus asked how you could believe his words if you didn't believe in the writings of Moses.

Did you know that if an indentured slave wished to remain with their master after they had repaid their debt to the master, they are told in Leviticus to pierce their ear with a nail on the lentil or the side-frame of the doorway to the masters house?

I am certainly grateful that indentured slavery is no longer legal and even more grateful that Jesus replaced the Law (the book of Leviticus in the Bible) with the Grace.

Now consider the commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill... does this mean it would be okay for me to maim, cripple, blind or injure a person as long as I don't kill them?

Jesus taught, that we should (1) Love God with all of our heart, soul and mind, and (2)Love thy neighbor as thyself, and that from these two commandments all other commandments flow.

Now the ten commandments are more like categories. Thou shall not maim... now would also be automatically considered a commandment as it breaks the two more basic commandments as taught by Jesus.

The broadening of these definitions, allows for there to be less commandments to memorize, but places a far greater responsibly on us than the original ten commandments. The grace of God offers us a lot, but comes with far stricter codes of justice, ethics and morals than the ten commandments ever required of us.

Add to this that Jesus also taught us that merely thinking of a sin is just as bad as actually committing a sin and you will understand just how much more disciplined you must be to become a true disciple of the Christian faith.

Do I need to go to Church and get Baptized?

Do you have to go to Church and get Baptized?

No... you don't... but you probably should! - Remember - 'Be ye not yoked together with unbelievers...'

In order to receive the benefits of faith in the grace which Jesus taught us of and to have faith in the grace of God work miracles in your life, you need salvation - you need to be "Born of the Spirit".

You will be born of the spirit when you ask for God's salvation, understand that the sins you have committed stand in your way and admit you are not strong enough to answer for your sins without Jesus' help. Your ability to feel the Grace working through you will then be equal to your Faith in the Grace and your dedication to do your best to live a sinless, fruitful life.

Yes, you could do this all on your own through great meditation, prayer and humility... but there is another factor which greatly decreases your ability to achieve the greatest results possible... and that is what you want, right?

Personal experience has taught me that 99.99% of the benefit I gain through the Grace is an indescribable joy I feel when ever I think of the power of the Grace of God. I am safe, secure and free from temptation and worry.

When I describe this joy to another is when I feel it the greatest, but I have also had many experiences in my life which I can only describe as nothing less than miracles which I believe are due to my Faith in the Grace and believe me, "You want as much of this Grace in your life as you can possibly gain!".

The missing factor I spoke of in this process is Faith. Your ability to believe you are worthy of God's love or Jesus' offer.

Let's act like your faith is a sapling which has grown from the seed of desire to have the Grace of God working through you. (It already does.)

Now let's bury a stake next to this young sapling. The Church, like this stake, can help you to head in the direction you want to go. Pun intended.

A Church is a community of like minded individuals who hold many of the same beliefs and therefore can help each other to believe with a much stronger faith.

A Baptism is a ritual which has helped literally billions of people around the world to be filled with faith in the grace. Even though a baptism is not absolutely necessary, surrounding yourself with a crowd of people who believe as you do, helps you to believe you can be forgiven and accept your faith in the grace through Jesus.

Let's consider the Baptism, other rituals such as laying on of hands, words of advice from those who study the scripture, the power of the faith of people around you and the many other positive things a church offers you as ribbons that tie you to the stake and help you to gain more faith in the grace, than you would have ever experienced on your own.

God Bless You!

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Which Church Is The Right Church?

When asked by others, "Which Church is the right Church?"

I reply, "Your question should be - Which Church is the right Church for me?"

When a person seeks personal salvation they should think about joining the Church which most closely matches what they personally believe.

Remember that it is not the responsibility of the Church to dispense salvation. Rather it is the responsibility of the Church to create the greatest possible environment for your faith to grow and to allow for your personal salvation to occur.

Because joining a Church will greatly increase your ability to achieve salvation and to allow the many wonderful benefits of having true faith in the grace working miracles within your life, I suggest joining the Church which you feel most comfortable with. Perhaps a Church you grew up in, that your family and friends attend.

Remember that for you to truly gain the maximum benefit from deciding to turn your life over to God - you have to find a Church you can trust, and then also devote yourself and tithe to this community you have committed yourself to.

This is because a Church has the responsibility of focusing the charity of its members to support the needs of its congregation. The Bible teaches that the church is responsible for widows and orphans of its congregation. If anyone believes that a Church should be poverty stricken, they are wrong. Moses taught that 11 tribes should give 10% to 1 tribe with the responsibility to meet the spiritual needs of all the tribes. This left these 11 tribes with 90% and the remaining tribe with 110%.

Now temper everything I have spoke about with the two commandments which I feel any Church should support to be considered legitimate - Love God with all your might and love your neighbor as thyself.

Then answer this question, "Do they believe and teach that membership in their Church is required for a person's salvation?" If they make allowances that salvation may be found personally but can be greatly enhanced by membership in their congregation - then it is a path definitely worth investigating.

Finding a Church which meets the above criteria is a great start, but please remember,  you are always responsible for the decisions you make as well as the beliefs you hold. Ultimately your personal salvation hinges on your personal faith in the Grace and following the principles which you personally believe to be true, because not doing so undermines your faith in the Grace which is required by all who seek God’s salvation.

P.S. What about the differences between Churches?

We all have to follow what we believe to maintain our personal faith in the grace, and I believe these are excellent verses which better explain how to manage our differences in what is necessary for our individual abilities to properly maintain our personal faith in the grace.


If you read the first verse replacing 'weak' with 'perceived to be weak' you will better understand the rest of the chapter.

Ro 14:1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.

Ro 14:2

For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.

Ro 14:3

Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth: for God hath received him.

Ro 14:4

Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

Ro 14:5

One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

Ro 14:6

He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks.

Ro 14:7

For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.

Ro 14:8

For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.

Ro 14:9

For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.

Ro 14:10

But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Ro 14:11

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

Ro 14:12

So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Ro 14:13

Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

Ro 14:14

I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

Ro 14:15

But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ died.

Ro 14:16

Let not then your good be evil spoken of:

Ro 14:17

For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Ro 14:18

For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.

Ro 14:19

Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

Ro 14:20

For meat destroy not the work of God. All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence.

Ro 14:21

It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.

Ro 14:22

Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

Ro 14:23

And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.


So let’s more closely examine what this means.

The things which we believe to be sinful would be sinful for us to do them… because it goes against our faith.

The things which we do not believe are sinful are not sinful for us to do… but perhaps with further examination we may indeed find them to be sinful as others may believe them to be.

And one should not judge the other… but we must recognize that by knowingly parading the things we do not believe to be sinful in front of others who do believe it is sinful, is a sin as this may cause others to question their faith or worse yet pass judgment and cause division.

Should you be the cause for somebody to stumble and fall or commit a sin, then you have sinned too, just as if you see someone doing something wrong and you do not share that you feel it is wrong with them, you are just as guilty of the sin as they are. 

As the good word spreads, its definition of morality and the definition of what is truly sinful will become known to all. The rest of the petty differences between us which our faiths may differ upon are insignificant in the Lords eyes, yet the full practice of ones faith including that which others may not believe in, or excluding that which others may believe in, is how the Lord judges what is sinful for each of us and our desire and dedication to being good which is really what this life is all about.

We are all independent servants of the Lord given a mission to work together, so we should not allow our petty differences us to divide us. We should each completely fulfill the necessities of our individual faiths and treat each other with the love and understanding we are taught to afford all of our neighbors… but perhaps with fellow Christians, as special neighbors who share in our core beliefs and understand the grand mission placed before all of us as Christians.

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The Gift Of Giving Cheerfully!

While there are many who denounce tithing and saying that this requirement was fulfilled by our Lord dying on the cross as he fulfilled all required by God with his ultimate sacrifice.

There is still much to be done for the love of God and our neighbors, and the Church or your religious community has much work it needs to do to support members who may need the help and of course pursue the missions placed before the church.

The new Testament tells us to give what we cheerfully can give. The poor in spirit will therefore be able to afford to cheerfully give much less than those who are rich in spirit, regardless of how much they actually give.

In giving cheerfully we are allowing the joy which we feel in the Lord to be expressed as the love we have for our neighbors.

Getting off the subject for a minute. Has it ever been your turn to say a prayer and you find yourself wondering what you should thank the Lord for in your prayer? This one is easy... Thank the Lord for all which truly makes you joyful - it could be your home, your job, your family, your friends, your Church, your community, the gifts you and others you care about which have caused you to truly rejoice.

This is because the Lord wants you to feel great joy and share that joy with him as well as you know.

Here is a precious jewel which will afford you another of those great secrets of happiness. Your ability to feel true joy and happiness is directly proportionate to the joy and happiness you afford others. Just as your ability to be truly forgiven can only be achieved by learning how to truly forgive others.

You see, if you can not afford others forgiveness and true love... you will not believe that the forgiveness and love afforded you by others is genuine... and love and forgiveness can only be truly appreciated and enjoyed by those who believe they are loved and forgiven. They must be accepted to be fully realized.

With these nuggets of truth you can now understand that the more you love and the more you feel joy, the more you will cheerfully afford the same to others.

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What Is Heaven?

Years ago, my children asked me what heaven is.

The answer was simple then. You see, rather than confuse them with ideas of a gift for Jesus from God for his upcoming marriage to the most righteous people who ever lived and a vast golden city dropping from the heavens where God's light shines everywhere. I made it very simple to understand.

In heaven you will find everything you desire and want most in life. It could be a park with rolling fields and playgrounds where you can run and play all day, surrounded by candy shops and fantastic theme parks with rides and theatres where you could experience adventurous and fun-filled days forever without end. It could be a room filled with all of your friends and loved ones, who can't stop beaming with joy and happiness.

In reality, heaven is never described as a destination for the righteous in the Old Testament. Hell is described a couple times in the later books of the Old Testament as a place of rest for the faithful warriors of God's chosen people. In the New Testament, hell is described as a enormous room where one side has access to water and the other side is blazing hot where tortured souls, thirsty and helpless to do anything about it, can actually still communicate with blessed souls on the other side of the room, which includes Abraham.

There is an ascension or a story of a man rising into the firmament or 'heavens' told about Elijah. There is also the story of God's promise to David, that he will sit to the right-hand side of God until all of his enemies become like his foot-stool, but I believe this describes how King David would have God by his side so that he could triumph over his enemies in his own lifetime.

The Old Testament has several passages which speak of a judgment here on earth and there are a few which might be interpreted to speak about the idea of of life after death, but not until the last 5% of the Old Testament do we see a clear message that there is an afterlife and a judgment where some will gain everlasting life and some everlasting contempt.

In the New Testament we find that the very first lessons taught by Jesus (the Beatitudes in Matthew; chapter 5) were lessons which teach us that all we do here in this lifetime, is in preparation for our eternal life after we die.

As a Christian believer, the accounting of what heaven is, is so diverse and obviously beyond our imagination that I told my children that heaven is exactly what you desire most in life, and as they grew older I let them know that heaven may not be exactly what they imagined, but it will still be exactly what they desire most.

What you need to understand is this. Imagine heaven is the most desirable place you could ever imagine being and then understand that it isn't heaven which changes, but rather what you desire that changes.

I know God waits with open arms for all of us - ready to guide us through the next part of his plan. He is eager for us all to live with him in heaven.

And here is one thing I believe, that you may find strange. I don't personally believe God judges you, I believe he puts that terrible responsibility on you in a realm of enlightenment where escaping truth through deception or lies is impossible.

God will let you know how much he loves you - which will probably overwhelm even the most faithful of his children, and he will invite you to join him in the next glorious stage of his plan - which will instantly become what you desire most. Then he will ask you if are strong enough and if you personally feel comfortable or worthy of being in his presence. Nobody will judge you, but you will have to live with what you have done in this life to the other enlightened individuals in heaven, and this burden of shame will be too much for some of us to carry. (The everlasting contempt which Daniel describes may very well be your own contempt for yourself when you learn just how unworthy you truly are.) Then the Lord in his infinite wisdom and love for us, will allow those who can not carry this burden of self-loathing and contempt to leave heaven and no longer be exposed to his light and their great shame.

Now in the New Testament it states that among those not able to enter heaven, there will be a great gnashing of teeth or great anger for or envy of those who are able to enter heaven. It says these people will be living in a lake of fire.

I believe this may be true as those outside of heaven will suddenly no longer be in a state of enlightenment and confused they will no longer understand why they can't be with their loved ones who now reside in heaven. (I will try to explain this idea more thoroughly in The Lies We Tell.)

Another note I find interesting is that Jesus told us we will be seasoned by fire, and that this seasoning is good. It may very well be that the people cast into this lake of fire will be seasoned for some greater reason. Maybe to become future prodigal sons.

People who don't make it into heaven might believe themselves to be forever lost and cut off from God's light, and then the greatest pain and suffering will be felt by those in heaven who care most about this person. The person cast out from heaven will suddenly realize that the greatest pain or suffering they ever caused others is actually experienced by those people who love them the most. We can only hope that these poor souls who led their lives so selfishly on earth are still selfish enough not to recognize this pain they have caused their loved ones, which they would have to live with without God's pure love to help them overcome that great pain and sorrow.

In the Gospels, there is a story of Jesus promising that some of the disciples would see heaven while they still lived. I am sure their hopes skyrocketed. This would be conclusive proof that heaven exists and there would no longer be a need for these lucky individuals to have to depend solely upon faith. The fact that they would be able to see heaven without first going through the death of their physical bodies was a fantastic promise.

True to his word, Jesus took three disciples up a mountain and opened a doorway to heaven and spoke with Moses and Elijah. The disciples did not enter heaven at that time and had to remain in the physical world to complete their lives here, but here is the proof for Christians everywhere that heaven truly does exist.

Heaven is and should always be what you desire most - the rest will follow.

P.S. Heaven and our life after death.

I don't wish to start arguments between true believers. Rather I will tell you what I have learned and believe about this all important topic and what it means to us... here in this lifetime as well as once we pass from this life into the next.

We live in this world which, when God was finished with its creation, he called it good. There is no better. This is good and this is how we were meant to live, in this bodily existence and in our next 'bodily' existence.

In our current lives we are corruptible and we are mortal. Here, as taught us by our Lord, we suffer the fires of seasoning and this seasoning is good.

When we die we do not immediately go to heaven, rather we will begin to live in the Lord... much as those who are in the Lord in this life have the Lord living through them via the Holy Spirit.

Then when the second coming of the Lord occurs we will all be resurrected and be given incorruptible and immortal bodies which are perfected, even as the Lord was perfected after his resurrection... and we will be resurrected either to salvation or judgment.

At this second coming, the Lord will perfect the earth and bring about heaven on earth in accordance with the new covenant which began with the resurrection of the Lord as the first fruit to this resurrection.

After this the ones judged worthy and resurrected to salvation will become shepherds of this world and indeed all of creation. There will no longer be any need, and thus there will no longer be any basis for greed, fear, hopelessness, hatred or the other negative consequences of need, and thus the lions shall lay down with the lamb.

In the period between our physical deaths and the resurrection, we will live in the Lord as the spirit lives in us now. We will learn about everything and we will understand completely the master plan which the Lord holds for us all as he brings about the transition where Gods will is done and life on earth will be as it is in heaven. This will prepare us for the judgment to come.

This is the light in which the Lord will judge us. God is a fair and just God and thus we will understand and agree with this judgment, and those who understand will actually be judging themselves and therefore it is our choices made here and the actions we take here which actually are the defining factors in this judgment and therefore we actually judge ourselves here and now in this life.

The next stage, where those who are worthy are allowed to enter heaven on earth with Jesus, these individuals will be Gods appointed to bring good to everything on earth and in the heavens... and this is the grand indicator of what we are to do as true believers in this lifetime. Let your love of God translate into the love you have for your neighbors and do what you can bring about good, on earth as it is in heaven.

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Freedom of Religion & The Fear of Salvation

The Christian experience requires all those who believe, that coming to Christ must remain a personal choice for each and every one of us. Freedom of religion is not just a nice thing which non-believers instituted so that they would not be encumbered, or persecuted by the Church.

All who have been raised in a family - all of us - have been taught the golden rule and to treat each other as we would have them treat us... thus this singular notion where we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves is not peculiar to Christians... but it is one of the base commandments which our Lord taught us from which all other commandments flow.

Christianity affords mankind the true freedom of choice. Should you desire salvation and decide to pursue Christianity, the Lord is joyously receiving in this regard... but this choice is and always must be yours to make.

People will go through life and when presented by the opportunity to come to know the Lord and his saving grace... their first instinct is to shy away and be fearful of the message.

We are all sinners, and to become true followers we first have to embrace that there will be a judgment where our every sin will be counted and measured. This will literally fill the uninitiated with an insurmountable amount of fear and absolute terror.

So before being saved we will each go through the chase. We will run from anything hinting of a judgment. We will hide from the terrible truths we know about ourselves and push away all those who say that salvation is free and easy.

Sure, we are told that we will be forgiven all of our sins, but we are sure we will have to pay somehow or some way. After all, we all know that nothing in life is truly free.

The greatest thing I see take place when people come to understand the Lord and accept his forgiveness is outright surprise when they are met with loving forgiveness rather than retribution for their sins.

This is when the joy of salvation overcomes everyone who accepts it.

Freedom from past sins. Acceptance of ourselves as worthy in the eyes of the Lord. Such joy will overcome you that you will feel like a kid again. You too will now understand what all the excitement that true believers seem to carry with them everywhere is about. You will want to share this with everyone you meet.

Once saved, you are now a righteous person... not because you deserve it... not because you have been perfect... but because you accepted the pure gift of love which the Lord freely offers to all. What a gift... you just want to tell everyone... only to find them running from you scared and upset that you see them as a sinner... regardless of how much you explain to them that you are not trying to judge them or make them feel unworthy of Gods love, as they may believe you are doing.

They will think you are trying to capture them, contain them and restrict their future... when in actuality you are trying your best to share the greatest gift you know of.

They will think... oh no... if I do this then I will have to go to Church, on Sundays of course, but then on Wednesday nights, Friday mornings and sooner or later the Church they fear will take over their entire lives and this is much to ask of anyone. They do not understand that once they have made the Lord the center of their lives, they will be feeling so great about the incredible joy it brings them, that they will want to create as many opportunities as they can to share this joy with others.

They will believe they will have to give everything they have worked so hard to accomplish and achieve to the Church... when in actuality they will cheerfully give all that they have once they understand how it all works.

Remember that you do not have to change to get saved... getting saved will change you. You will be perfected... but you will not be perfect. People around you, even in the Church will still be human and make mistakes and sometimes even will try to exalt themselves above others. Some will do this by judging your participation in the Church compared to their own. Some will demand that you do certain things or learn certain things before they fully accept you. Forgive them, they are human too. Help them to see how they may be wrong and you may find that they were closer to the truth than you thought they were. This comes with sanctification... but we must always be humble and realize that even the greatest sinners can be saved.

Remember that the people who make up a church are there to commune with others in the Lord's name, so do your best to support and edify the others in your Church and you should get much more joy out of the experience. The more you learn, the more you have to share... the more you have to share, the more you are able to afford others the same joy and surprise when they come to the Lord.

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A Message For The Fallen

EVERY TIME I try to reach you, you do not answer – and in this day and age I know you know I am trying, and have decided NOT TO ANSWER.

This is not to be considered lightly – I mean “Can anyone in this world be honest?”

I guess you think you can justify this because you are mad, or shy, or too busy. No you are not – and prepare yourself…

For now is the time I must do my job, cast aside my fear of alienating the respect of one of the best people I know in this world. You!

Your brother, your friend, and a man who now understands how much he loves you is going to be brutally honest and tear apart the facades which you have built to protect yourself from the terrible truth –

…You are afraid that any steps you take to save what you have left of your life will injure the people you love most in life and your relationships with them.

We must deal with this fear, and you must remove the core reasons for having this fear.

In the next few days, I pray that the Lord shows you that everyone who truly loves you is ready to support and honor every choice you decide you must make to get your life back.

Forget about the differences which make you believe that anyone doesn’t understand you. This is just a way to avoid an admission to anyone, including yourself, that you have reached an impasse on several issues in your life and that action MUST BE TAKEN. These actions must be taken to regain your self-respect, your dignity, your sense of self-worth, as well as your God-given gift to serve others cheerfully and honorably.

I know your life is a shambles – yet you have a grace which is so fantastic it can help you to overcome hurdles that would literally cripple others who do not have your faith.

You have been tested hard my friend, and even Lot might tremble with fear at the thought of taking on your yoke.

YOU have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! YOU are a good person who has learned their limits! Together YOU and I are also very adept at applying logic to any problem.

It is time to step back from your heart and let the logic take over.

Carefully plan your next few steps. Consider the best possible outcome for all concerned, and make shrewd decisions which will allow you to return to where you are most comfortable – walking the path of righteousness with the ones you love.

Irregardless of the love anyone professes to have for you, TELL them how you feel, TELL them what you expect from them as a condition for your future support, and TELL them how they can help you to achieve your plans for your life and your personal salvation.

This includes everyone.

The further you allow yourself to be alienated and misunderstood the further you will slip into the morose and ill feelings which are generated by this behavior.

Find a way to cleanse yourself of any guilt, shame, greed, selfishness or self-pity which holds you back from doing what is best. Don’t allow yourself any excuses. Don’t allow yourself any room for doubt. Don’t succumb to your natural nature and allow the need or greed of others to create excuses for you to not do what is right. Pull in your horns and take affirmative action now.

Irregardless of how bad it is, you can create a better and stronger life for yourself. But you need to act now.

The necessary actions you decide to take in the very immediate future will dictate the security, honor and strength you will have for the rest of your life. Ignoring this call to action can and will have dire ramifications which will destroy everything you know and love, including your own sanity.

You are going to have to make decisions that others may not understand or agree with. You will have to take actions which will be horribly painful for yourself and certain other people in your life. You will have to apply a level of discipline which you have not reached ever before in your life.

You may have to give up a lot of which you have worked so very hard to obtain in your life – however unfair it might seem to you. You will have to perilously walk for a while in complete uncertainty and this will be very scary.

I am telling you my advice in a very non-specific way because only you know what outcome you would like to achieve when this is over. I can tell you by experience that it is very hard to make these decisions and I know how lonely and heart-wrenching this will be for you. I will be here for you, but let me tell you in advance that this letter is the most help you will receive from me during this entire ordeal. This saddens me as I should have seen your need earlier and better prepared myself to help you more.

I have taken all the steps I can over the past few months to build you the best support system available through the family of righteous and caring individuals we are building here to help you through the precarious period you are about to enter and I pray with all of my heart that it helps.

One more thing. You will not find anyone who truly understands what I am telling you – heck, I am not truly understanding of the problems you face and the steps you will have to take. But know this, everyone in your life will be better off in the long run – if you take complete control, stand your ground and do what must be done.

Your spirit, your mind, your sense of what is right and wrong may be the only tools you may have in the coming days – keep a cool mind, refer to what the spirit tells you is right for everyone concerned – not just those who you love most – and the outcome will be far better than you can possibly imagine at this very dark point in your life. As the faith grows within you, so does your understanding of the grace working through you.

Now is the time for me to step back, and let you contemplate your navel long enough to figure out what you must do. Do not assume you already have this figured out – take some time to consider everything once again, now that you have read my letter, as your perspective may be clearer now.

I love you so much. You still have so much to offer the world – if only you can get back to a point where you believe in yourself and God’s plan for you once again. You do have power, even when all seems hopeless. You can succeed where most other people have failed.

And believe it or not, you have been sanctified and prepared to meet these tribulations.

Live Strong And Prosper!

As Christians, we believe that in the end times, only people who have the mark of the beast on the back of their hands or foreheads will be able to trade in goods or services and therefore, those who do not have this mark will be denied the ability to buy food. We are also told that the mark of the beast is also the number of the beast. Then we are told that the number of the beast is 666.

Well, this makes it very simple. Don't put the number 666 on your hand or forehead and you remain unmarked as a servant of the beast.

But, what will cause God fearing Christians to justify putting this number on the back of their hands or foreheads. It will probably be a trick perpetrated upon us which makes it seem that by placing this number on our hands or foreheads we are identifying ourselves as followers of Christ.

Well, here is something which will create much fodder for Christians and non-Christians alike in their clash for religious supremacy. This one fact will reveal what this number may truly mean, while illustrating how Christians may be tricked into allowing themselves to be marked by the Beast.

The resurrection of Christ occurred on a Sunday. Now count out forty days from Sunday and you will see that both Christ's sacrifice and his ascension into heaven happened on Fridays. While you consider this look at the story of Christ's ascension according to the Gospel of Luke. Christ walked with his followers as far as Bethany, ascended, and his followers made their way back to Jerusalem with much joy.

Now think about it, he walked out of town on a Friday, and the people of his time celebrated the Sabbath on Saturday, this means they had to get back home before sundown. (The people of this time considered the day to end at sun down as the end of the day was when God began to rest after spending six days to build our universe.) Bethany, is 15 furlongs or about 2 miles from Jerusalem and if we look at this with common sense, this places the ascension in the middle of the day on a Friday, forty days after Jesus was resurrected... or about the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth week after his resurrection. - Remember time was broke into two twelve hour cycles in that age, day and night.

Now this isn't the only coincidence concerning this number and how it relates to our religion, remember that Solomon in his richest year brought home 666 talents of gold, but you can see how even a symbol associated with the ascension of Christ may be construed to be also representative of the number 666.

What if the world came to fear other religions. What if the fear caused us to only trust professed Christians. What would happen if Christians practiced a ritual which was peculiar to their religion. What would happen if Christians decided to mark themselves in some manner to identify themselves as true believers once they practiced this ritual. What if the symbol they marked themselves with could be construed to also represent the ascension of Christ. And finally, what if Christ actually ascended on the sixth hour of the sixth day in the sixth week after his resurrection.

I truly believe that true Christians will not willingly mark themselves in this manner, but I also believe that we are really going to be surprised by some of the tricks Satan has in store for us in the coming times. It breaks my heart to realize that even a symbol recognizing the timing of the ascension of Christ may be also construed to be the same as the number of the beast, and all I know to do is to continue to pray for guidance.

Listen to the non-repentant man to learn the secret to living a righteous life and becoming worthy of salvation.

I once met a man convicted of murder in the first degree and here is his story. He was a quiet spoken short guy, probably 5'2" to 5'4" and probably weighed less than 130 pounds. This demure little man was self-admittedly guilty of a premeditated murder where he drove a baseball bat completely through the skulls of two people.

This is his story... a young man in the military who shared a room with another soldier, he invited his girlfriend over to the barracks to share some beer with him and his room mate. Every thing seemed to be going fine until upon returning from going to the bathroom he found his roommate and his girlfriend kissing. He immediately cried out and his roommate turned and hit him a couple times and then threw him out of the room. Locked out, over the next few minutes his whole world collapsed as he heard his girl friend's laughter turn into moans of passion when he remembered his key was on a chain around his neck, but instead of going directly in, he found a baseball bat first and then entered the room.

This man went on to explain that he had always been picked on because of his size and losing the girl he loved most in the world sent him over the edge.

That day I realized that if I had lived his life and been presented with that same exact set of circumstances, I may have reacted the same way that he did. Since then I have given this more thought and realized that she must not have really been his girlfriend if she did what she did and that he was either lying to himself when the incident happened or lied to me when he told me the story. Now the question was, would I lie about it like he did if I had done what he did? I realized that I and everyone I know was guilty of lying to justify our own actions to some degree.

This story tells us about the term called 'Judge Frame Reference' and the lies we all tell ourselves and other people to justify our actions.

Throughout the bible we find that there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth from those poor souls who do not make it into heaven where the righteous reside.

Weeping, I can understand... but a gnashing of teeth signifies righteous indignation or at least that the poor souls do not accept their judgment.

I believe the reason for this gnashing of teeth comes from a great misunderstanding and firm belief by these damned souls that they should be admitted into heaven. They look around and find others worse than themselves and say "look, I am better than this great sinner", then upon seeing those admitted into heaven they say "look, I am just as good as the people admitted into heaven".

What does make you worthy of salvation?

It is not the idea that you are just as good as those who are righteous...

It is not the idea that you feel you can be better than those who you feel are not as righteous as they should be...

It is the realization that you are just as bad as the worst of us sinners. With this realization comes an understanding of everyone else regarding their sin and capacity for sin regardless of what they have done.

It is the realization that we are as bad as the worst sinner and if it weren't for the grace of God you may very well have been left with far less to rejoice about and far more to repent from in your life.

Once we understand that we are no better than anyone else and that each of us hides behind a web of lies to justify our claim to righteousness, then we become worthy of salvation.

For only then can we truly forgive and love others,... only then can we truly appreciate the awesome amount of love God must have for us,... to be able to forgive us... the very worst of sinners,... only then can we feel true love for God,... and only then can the true love of God motivate you to live a righteous life worthy of salvation.

God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.  Romans 3:4

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32

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Are All Good Deeds Actually Charitable Works?

In the Bible there is a great portion devoted to describing what charity truly is and how we can recognize it. - see Corinthians 13.

To better understand what charity is in the context of these passages... we have to understand that the charity spoke of here is the love you have for the Lord being expressed as love for your neighbor.

These passages say much about righteous works and that they hold absolutely no value unless they are done with charity - or as expressions of love for the Lord expressed as love for our neighbor... and one of the greatest indicators that an act was completed in charity is that they are not performed or exhorted in a prideful manner. In other words these passage really say that acts done in the name of love are valueless unless they are completely done out of a true love for our neighbor which has sprung from the love we have for our Lord.

If you are boastful of what great deeds you have done or gifts the Lord has conveyed upon you, then these deeds or gifts are meaningless to the Lord. If you have done much in the name of the Lord and your professed love for someone, and you proudly display what you have done for others to see or know about... then you really have not performed true acts of charity and these acts are not actually acts completed as expressions of love for your neighbor drawn from the love which you have for the Lord.

Well let's think about this for a spell. If people who are more humble can better understand and practice charity, or love for their neighbors as derived from their love for the Lord... then the truly humble, can better implement the two commandments from which all other commandments flow - that being Love God with all your might and love your neighbor as you would yourself.

This being true you can see that when heaven comes to earth and the judgment of the resurrected has taken place, then those who best understood the true love we should express for one another and that all should be done as love for the Lord will indeed inherit the earth.

This is indeed a narrowing of the path of righteousness, but our understanding offers us an opportunity to better understand and therefore meet the commandments as set forth by the Lord.

The remainder of this chapter in Corinthians illustrates that a person should hold 'Faith, Hope and Charity' of utmost importance in the ways we lead our lives and attempt to draw closer to the mission as set forth for us as true Christians... but it goes on to say that while Faith and Hope will pass away after this life and be replaced by knowledge and certainty... our acts completed in charity, or our love for the Lord being expressed as love for our neighbors, shall live on and be perfected in heaven and therefore carries much more importance in our immediate mission here on earth.

Then there are two oft-quoted verses in this same chapter which when taken out of context mean something completely different than what they were written to convey to us as Christians.

First - 'When I became a man, I put away childish things.' - This is often told to young adults to get them to grow up and be more mature... but this short passage tells of the difference of understanding we will have once we go to heaven compared to what we currently believe about the Lord and his majestic plan. Once we grow up - or get to heaven, we will see how foolish some of our beliefs were and we will put away these childish things.

Second - 'For now we see through a glass, darkly' - This refers to the fact that what we believe about the Lord and his plan for us is shaded by our own beliefs and desires... regardless of who we are... and that once we reach the state of enlightenment in heaven and are 'face to face' with the realities of the Lords plan, we will see clearly what the truth is... and more importantly, who we are, will be clearly understood.

Now the question is. Do we do the things we do in the name of love as a way to prop ourselves up or are these acts actually expressions of true love, or our love for the Lord expressed as love for our neighbor.

...And this is how and why the meek, who truly love and express it correctly, will indeed inherit the earth as taught to us by our Lord.

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One God - Many Faiths?

Malachi 1:11 For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Lord of hosts.

All I know for sure is this... If the Bible is correct, we are a lot closer to the end times than we have ever been before.

I love the Bible and the many fantastic lessons which I have learned from it's pages. One of my favorite books is Malachi, for I believe it tells us a lot about the end times.

We are taught as Christians that when Jesus came he set the father against the children as those of the Christian faith drew away from the faith of their Fathers.

The book Malachi ends with a message that there will be a "great and dreadful day of the Lord" which I consider to mean the end times.

It also tells us that he will first send Elijah the prophet and he shall turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children. I believe this describes the coming together of faiths. Then the final verse finishes with the threat of a smiting of the earth with a curse if this isn't done.

I also believe that every religion will fight tooth and nail to make sure this does not happen. This is because of the faith factor. As a Christian I must "believe" with all of my heart and soul that Jesus is my key to salvation... (I absolutely do!)... but to bring faiths together, there must either be one path to salvation which we all come to accept and believe... or we must accept that there are separate paths to salvation for different people... or as I am coming to understand may be the greater truth... there may be one way to salvation which we as followers of different faiths have come to perceive in different fashions due to the culture and needs of people in different parts of the earth shaping our individual understanding of God and thus our perceptions about the path to salvation.

If you live in India, a land of great droughts, you do not kill the living font of milk, butter and cheese.

If you live in a coastal community you eat the fish when it comes in fresh on the boats which return on Friday.

If you find that eating meat from animals with split hooves can make you very sick, you stop eating them.

The lessons we learn can become part of our culture and even our religion, and who is to say that these lessons were not inspired by God in his infinite love for us and desire to protect us.

Who can honestly say that God stopped communicating with us at any particular time and that Christianity as we know it has not enjoyed active participation by our Lord since Jesus was with us 2000 years ago.

Our prophets, Daniel, Ezekiel, David, Moses, and so on, each was a man chosen by our Lord to deliver messages to us on his behalf which helped us to understand our relationship to God as well as how to best lead our lives and meet our needs here on earth. I believe that other messengers 'may' have been selected by our Lord to speak with other people in the world about how to best meet their needs in their environment.

I also believe that the Lord does not communicate with us in a written form. The Lord's powers are limitless and I believe that when he communicates with messengers he does it with a pure imparting of knowledge and ability to convey that message to others.

When the ideas conveyed by these messengers were recorded they must have been told from the perspective of the person telling the story and in a manner which could be best understood by the recipients of those messages.

I believe in absolute truths and that many of these are self evident at the core of every religion, sect or faith which holds any merit as being legitimate. These absolute truths include the fact that there is an ultimate power which we all owe our existence to, and the golden rule holds true everywhere... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

While I understand the possibility of the validity of other religions and that followers of these other faiths may have a true path to God as they understand him. I can only speak from a view point of a Christian and tell you that I personally believe that Jesus is my only true path to salvation.

If in the end times, different faiths will be brought together then shouldn't we as true "believers" try to understand how this might be achieved.

As Christians, how can we possibly open ourselves to the idea that other paths to salvation may exist while maintaining our absolute faith that our personal path to salvation is the only path to salvation available as Jesus taught us.

Perhaps we should only consider the Jewish and Christian religions in this equation. Perhaps it only foretells of the coming together of the many factions of Judaism or Christianity. I don't know...

And this is where I will begin my story... I didn't know... I wanted to know, I wanted to understand, I wanted to believe...

Where are the answers? To which questions? What do I teach my children... And how can I be sure...

I finally came up with answers, and I know now that God wants me to share them with as many people as I can. I know that I don't have all of the answers... but the Lord has tempered this ignorance with ways to share this information in a whole new light.

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My Personal Mission

Last night I prayed hard for an answer to what my personal mission is and what special role I can personally assume to do the Lord's work...

And the answer came to me...

The personal mission which the Lord would have me do... is not a personal mission at all... but rather it is a group mission... a mission to be shared by all of God's children!

We are to teach others that the Lord's forgiveness is true... that true Christians must know and truly believe they are forgiven before they can understand the full power of our Lord and how greatly he loves us.

Only upon realizing this can we truly be set free from our sins and the great guilt which comes with it. Only upon believing we are forgiven will we be able to truly accept the Lord fully and love the Lord and all of his children. Only upon believing this can you allow the Lord to work his miracles through you to the greatest degree... and only upon being forgiven and truly believing you are forgiven can you know how to forgive others and make them understand they are truly forgiven.

For only with the undeniable belief that you are forgiven will you truly be free to love God, change your ways and begin to walk on the path of righteousness with great purpose and then share your increased, very real and true love for the Lord and all the people in your life.

The Lord doesn't want you to spend any more time feeling guilty and beating yourself up for what you may do wrong... rather he needs you to truly believe you are forgiven and change your ways accordingly so you can join me in our group mission to get every one on board with this great mission by truly believing in the forgiveness of the Lord for all they have done wrong.

The more we help others to realize their part in this grand mission placed before us all as true Christians... the more we will all come together and begin living our lives as we are meant to... as powerful proponents of the Christian faith... doing all we can to do God's will and setting all of his children free from the shackles of sin and the great shame which comes with it.

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The Mission For All Of Us!

I don't know how it works for other faiths, but I know true belief and dedication are essential while I truly believe the necessary principles of true paths to salvation remain wholly consistent with the ideas I present here concerning true Christianity. Should all recognized faiths believe that the love of God and neighbor are central to all of God's commandments, and should all recognized faiths believe that this life is in preparation of the next life which will be good, then the personal paths we each take should represent our understanding and true desire for good to be shared with all we know and make ourselves known to.

Having said that... I know of a true path to salvation which is free to all people, and that this path has been well documented for thousands of years culminating in the Son of God dying on the cross for your sins, should you decide you would like to follow and believe in him. Even better, he was resurrected and brought about the new covenant where his spirit may live through you, your spirit will live through him and upon his return we will all be resurrected to salvation or judgment and those raised to salvation and judged worthy will be made whole and incorruptible to live here forevermore in heaven on earth as shepherds of God's glorious creation .

The mission for all of us as true believers is to bring our faith to others to create churches everywhere - ' the waters cover the seas'. True Christians are the conduit for the spirit of Jesus and as he taught us about 'where ever two or more are gathered in my name', whenever you as a true Christian who allows the spirit to work through you, speaks to another in his name, you bring Jesus with you.

Our mission includes living a good life - or doing the best we can, but also includes creating a good life for all we know and may effect - or try the best we can.

Acts of omission, are sins too. This means that if you know of something bad and don't do what you can to help - you are sinning, and true Christians know the time it becomes a sin is as soon as they realize they may be able to help.

True Christianity comes with a much stricter set of rules than any other faith, yet is so simple to understand. Be good... do good... let the spirit fill and guide you... love God... love your neighbor... love your enemy... love, build and foster community... give cheerfully to the missions of your faith... protect those you love... carry the faith of a child... and always fiercely believe in the love of God which affords you the great forgiveness and gifts which come with salvation and a sharing in the new covenant with Jesus Christ.

Remember you don't have to change to get saved, getting saved will change you... and salvation means your work in the Lords name starts here in this life where the spirit of Jesus may work through you as practice to best live in Jesus when the time comes, and ultimately to be perfected with Jesus here in heaven on earth. Your desire for salvation means your mission for good starts now and will grow as you grow and allow the good that is the spirit of the Lord to fill and guide you.

May you always keep a strong 'Faith in the Grace' and be blessed by all it offers to us all, while we all learn to come together in our combined mission to make this world good... 'on earth as it is in heaven'.

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by Michael Jay Wilson Sr.

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 I am still confused too, but here is what I believe inspired my calling, this website and these lessons.

1. The Lord's message is simple and clear.

Love and all that goes with it - understanding, forgiveness, charity, support, interest and faith - is the guiding principle which we should all lead our lives by.

I believe this means we should abhor and abstain from any practices which are in conflict with this guiding principle of love.

2. The awareness of our grace is what we need.

The ability to feel the Lord's grace working within your life is equal to the amount of faith you have in the Lord's ability or willingness to pass his grace through you.

Through the awareness of this grace working within your life comes peace of mind, serenity and a better understanding of what love is and how we can better use it as our guiding principle and offer it cheerfully to all we know and meet.

3. Church and community is necessary and good!

Individually we are selfish and prideful. The power of community can help us to enrich our lives through the faith of others, thus empowering the grace which works through each us, while affording us moral and ethical principles which must meet the standards and ideals of the community as a whole.

A church or religious community also allows for a greater focus and management of our combined charity and other good works which we may be called to complete.

In closing, I would like to impart to you a lesson I learned while attempting to meet this calling.

In searching for answers I have met true believers who seldom find a need to research the Bible, but fiercely believe in the Lord and his saving grace. I have also met true believers who have unwavering faith and are dedicated researchers of scriptural teachings.

I have learned much from both and I hope to keep both an unshakable faith as well as an unquenchable thirst for a better understanding of the Lord and his teachings.

The lesson I have learned is that understanding and applying the Lord's teachings are two different things and that apathy (or not caring) and over-analysis can be equally destructive forces.

If you believe in the Lord and his teachings, that is a great starting point, but just like not believing, it can lead to judging others too harshly and other destructive behavior which may eventually compromise the core values of what all of the Lord's teachings center upon, that being love - love for God and love for everyone else in this world.

Just as when you desire anything so greatly that ‘you would almost do anything to gain it’, salvation can cause even the most faithful to overstep their roles in the missions they undertake. They will find ways to force the word upon others. They will judge others un-necessarily and oft-times even out of the best intentions cause others to stop listening and cut themselves off from any opportunity to be saved and join the Christian family.

My work with the message at ‘Faith In The Grace’ is to make the complex, simple to understand, and to cover the basics which I feel every Christian should consider. It is meant to convey the awesome responsibility which true Christians have, as our faith demands much more of us that anyone would initially assume.  It is meant to bring more people to Christ and have more of them take their spirituality seriously… and then of course eventually have far more Christians reaching out to spread the word and help save others while all legitimate Christian churches, and the missions they undertake in the name of the Lord benefit from what I share.

My mission is truly non-denominational. I am of the belief that many Christian churches are legitimate and that people should understand what it takes for a church to be legitimately Christian. I am not interested in starting a new Church… rather I press people of all faiths to understand that their personal spirituality is their personal responsibility. That their beliefs must be firm in their personal choice of faith they follow… and being true to what you believe while affording your neighbors the ability to choose their own path to salvation without being judged by men are the truest tests for each of us as Christians.

Now love for your neighbor also includes sharing the gift of salvation as you understand it, so there is still an awesome mission for each of us as Christians. Love sometimes means disagreeing with people who you feel are doing wrong and doing your best to set them straight. Love also means that we must sometimes choose a side and yet have compassion for those who are against you.

But as Jesus told us… ‘If they are not against us… they are for us’.

Christianity is a great balancing act… love and protect your neighbor but still have love for those against them. Don’t go too far down one path as that will cause you to fail elsewhere. You must keep your eyes open and do the best you can for everyone around you. You must know when love requires an embrace or when love requires you to scold. You must endure all and forgive all. You must strive to always be perfect, but you can not pride yourself in your perfection. You must make your faith the center of your life and share this belief with all around you, yet you should never judge others or give them reason for feeling oppressed. You must repent from all that you feel is unholy, yet not judge others who do not agree with you that something is unholy. You must do all that you think is required to be holy yet not judge others who do not do these things because they do not believe they are required to be holy. We must reach out to all people in the name of the Lord, yet we must not be yoked with non-believers.

Unlike the Jews before us where the rules were all written down, we must adhere to what we feel is right and wrong about all things and do that which we believe most closely matches the commandments to Love God with all our might and to love our neighbors (and our enemies) as we love ourselves.

Yes I believe that once a person becomes born of the spirit they become clean and their spirit is indeed white as snow… but being human causes us to keep a constant awareness of our faith, how we live it and how we share it… while we must realize that getting saved is just the beginning of our personal mission.

May God bless you in all that you do.

With much love from your brother in Christ,

Michael Jay Wilson Sr.


A Letter To An Inspirational Friend...


Your testimonies are glorious in so many ways… The Lord is truly producing great works through you and I am truly blessed by the great love you have for the Lord being expressed as love for me… and all those you share these testimonies with. I feel as if what you sent me lately was meant to speak directly to my soul.

I have always believed I have done my best to be as humble as I can be… but these past couple of weeks have brought me straight to my knees before the Lord. I am prideful, arrogant and lately, again and again, I have been severely slapped with this incredible truth.

These past few weeks I have been hammered over and over again where I feel a message from the Lord is trying its best to get me to realize how wrong I am in almost everything I do. I also feel the Lord is telling me that I still have many missions to complete for him… and in this light, in just this past week, I have finally completed my work which I allowed to remain unfinished until now. I have also completely revised my testimonies within the work I feel the Lord has called me to complete… perhaps the Lord held me back from finishing this work until I more fully understood the mission before me… or perhaps I dropped the ball for a while.

In any case… many times, throughout this mission I have often doubted myself… and felt like it was too heavy for me to carry… but you, and your Dad, have continued to bring me great hope and a strengthening of my faith… and you awoke in me the realization that this mission is not about me, where I have room to doubt myself, this mission is about our Lord Jesus Christ and glorifying his name… and in this light, my doubts hold no ground and my faith in doing what the Lord would have me do is undeniable.

Although these are personal, I have had revelations which were just as undeniable… one of the greatest of these events happened when I was straying from the path years ago. I slipped back into my old ways and as I was partying and enjoying myself… just before I met you and your Dad… a momentary glimpse of my afterlife changed everything… in this momentary glimpse I saw what only could be described as a cold grey wall where I was lost in the nothingness. I instantly knew what it was and what it represented. This cold grey nothingness was where I would wind up if I did not change my ways… and as this vision faded a fantastic thing happened. I instantly understood that the Lord had set before me a great mission which I was to fulfill.

A couple nights later I had a dream where I met with a man who was the embodiment of love… he was clean cut, and although I can not remember what he was wearing, I remember thinking how elegant his attire was. He seemed to be well tanned and appeared to be pleased with everyone… but as I was drawn closer, as he invited me to approach him, I saw and felt the love he had for me radiating from all about him... and as I drew nearer, I realized that his bronzed skin was actually like clay, and as my eyes focused on his skin closer and closer where I saw people living in the clay hard at work, each shaping the clay around them...  and I immediately realized that this was indeed our Lord… and this realization literally brought me awake with a start. But the vision still remains crystal clear in my mind to this day and I know for a fact that this was much more than a dream, even though the most I could remember from the encounter was the grandness of it all and how awed I was by the experience.

Then a few days later, you contacted me and asked me to meet with your Dad… where he told me he felt compelled by the Lord to work with me. Talk about how things work out in the name of our Lord.

Of course I agreed with your Dad and took any opportunity to work with him as the message was clear. We were meant to come together and do great works for the Lord.

I did not tell your Dad about these incredible visions and the all too obvious ways the Lord had brought us together. I had seen the emptiness of existence without the Lord, and met with Jesus himself and I knew this would be a little hard for anyone to accept. In another vision… I was sitting and staring at a blank white wall and praying to the Lord, perhaps harder than I ever had… and before the wall, a vision came to me which only could be described as a face in a cloud. Now this was a face of pure love and I knew for a certain that it was good… I wish I had a better way to describe this experience. No words were spoken… but a feeling came over me where I understood that all of the pain and torture I was going though and would go through would be necessary if I were to be able to meet the Lord’s calling.

I have never shared this with anyone other than my wife… and I have never been compelled to tell anyone of these experiences and indeed I knew somehow that they were not to be shared as this would change my ability to complete my mission.

Now just as the events of the past few weeks have triggered the completion of my work, your amazing messages have not only helped me to hold true to this path but have caused me to understand that it is time to share my visions with you and offer you a better explanation of my full relationship with you and your family. I believe that I am being guided in this fashion to bring about a revelation which will tell me the next step in my mission.

Up to this point I have been very cautionary in letting anyone see the great spiritual shift I have been undertaking… one, because I did not experience them all at once and as I have grown in understanding of this mission as I have grown in understanding of the message… two because I felt that I was to be an island unto the Lord for a time, so that I could better convey the message given to me for people who are still searching for answers, and that it is time for all Christians, and perhaps all people of faith, every where, to be brought together in a singular mission to fulfill the second covenant which began with the resurrection of our Lord.

Now these are the only visions I have had which I knew to be inspired. Perhaps I had more earlier, but I could not recognize them for what they were. I do not speak in tongues, and occasionally I will write some thing which I feel has been inspired, but other than an occasional miracle… some of which would literally blow your mind… I do not feel I am overly enlightened in any manner… rather the opposite is true. I see in my self many bad decisions and the more I grow in the Lord the better I understand my responsibility for these sins, my need for the Lord’s intercession on my behalf and how grand this gift of grace afforded me truly is. This also entails the taking of a personal mission for the Lord to right the wrongs I have done and doing my part in the combined mission we all have as children of God… to right all wrongs as the Lord would have us do on earth as it is in heaven in order to best show love for God and our neighbors, all of them.

For this reason, I am sharing with you the complete story of my interest in serving your Dad as best I could, as his faith in me has inspired my faith in Christ and the fulfillment of my mission – or should I say allowed for there to now be a commencement of my mission. Your combined wisdom has not only inspired me but has greatly helped shape my beliefs and how best to convey them to others. Thus I am sharing the fruit of my labor in my inspired attempt to complete this mission, with the awesome realization that my mission has really just begun.

Thank you for all you have done and all that we will do in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May our missions not stray and may the light of Jesus, and the good which comes with it, shine everywhere and that the name of our Lord will soon become as the waters on the sea.

Your brother in Christ,

Michael Wilson


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